Importing Images:


Turing can handle three types of images: GIF, JPG and BMP.


All the Image commands start with Pic. and can be found in the Turing Help.  (There are some really fun ones, try Pic.Draw special)


How To include an image:


1.    Save your program and your picture in the same folder.  (So they can ‘find’ each other)


2.    Make sure your image file has no spaces in the name.


3.    In your program you will need 3 things:


a.    A picture ID variable.  ex: var picID:int


b.    An import command: picID:= Pic.FileNew(“myPicture.jpg”)


c.     A draw command.  ex: Pic.Draw(picID, 100,200,picCopy)


This will draw your image at position (100,200).



1.      If you want more cool stuff, look in the help file.  Pic.Draw can do a lot more and there are other commands like Pic.DrawSpecial that can be a lot of fun.


2.      GIF images can have simple animations built into them. 


3.      For more advanced graphics look up “Sprites”