Motion Tweening

A motion tween is a flash tool which provides a smooth transformation of a symbol.




Step 1: Create a Symbol

Draw a shape and convert it to a symbol.  

Make it a movie clip.

Give it a Meaningful name.

Step 2:Create the Tween


Right click on the symbol and select “Create Motion Tween


You should notice that Flash adds a new set of frames in the timeline that defines the objects motion.  It automatically adds enough frames for 1 second of motion. You can extend this by dragging the right most frame.




Step 3: Defining the Tween


Drag your symbol to its new position.

You will see a dotted line that is formed.  This line is the objects path and the dots are the frames.


Try grab the line in the middle and drag it.


Hit enter to see your tween.

Step 5: More options


To make your tween a bit more complicated try this:


-         Right-click on the tween in the timeline

-         Insert a new key frame.

-         This frame provides a new point that can be “Tweened to” and tweened from”.


Note: You have the option of defining anything the Free-Transform tool can do.