Flash Buttons

Flash buttons have 3 states which are determined by the mouse:

up” – The mouse is not touching the button.

“over” – The mouse is over the button (But not clicked)

down”- The mouse is pressed on the button.



Step 1: Create a Button

- Select “New Symbol…” from the insert menu.

- Give you symbol a descriptive name.

- And set the “Type” to Button

Step 2:Adding the Graphics


- Add graphics to the Up frame in the timeline.

- Add a new Key Frame in the Over frame and modify the graphics.

- Add a new Key Frame in the Down frame and modify the graphics again.


My 3 graphics ended up like this:




Up-What your button looks like normally

Over-Mouse is over the button but not clicked

Down- Mouse is pressed over the button


Adding the Button


 Go back to Scene 1 and drag your button onto the stage from the library.


Test your movie!