Welcome to ICSxc With Mr.Kurz

Where x is the grade and c is the level (Open, University or College)


By choosing to take Computer Programming with Mr.Kurz you have already made a great decision and set yourself up for a bright future!  ‘Coding’ is quickly becoming an essential skill in the workforce just like knowing English and French.  By the end of this class you should be comfortable in at least two programming languages and be considered dangerous in one.


The main course threads are:

·        Computational Thinking (Learning to think like a computer)

·        User Interfaces (The stuff you see)

·        Algorithm Design (Solving problems with computers)

·        Computer History (How did we get here)

·        Careers in Computing (Jobs where this is useful)



I also hope by the end of the course you will see programming as a creative and liberating endeavor that anyone can benefit from, not just computer geeks.



How things work


This is a project based course.   Projects will usually last 3 weeks and will always start with outlining our learning goals for the project and will end with a reflection that summarizes what you have learned.  You will need to do a minimum of 1 project centered around each course thread.


Some cool projects could be:

·        Swift Playgrounds: Learn to Code

·        App Development with XCode

·        Android Apps with App inventor

·        Adventures in Coding Day

·        Coding music




We are going to start our journey together learning Swift and then we will split off into different groups based on your interests and learning needs.  You will be working in Swift on xCode or on Swift Playgrounds on your iPad.



What you will need

·        Headphones.  There are many good tutorials on YouTube that you will be watching.


·        A 2GB+ USB key will come in handy


·        You don’t need a binder, but bring a pencil or markers.   Lots of computer programming happens on paper.


·        A Google account you can use for school.  (GAFE account would be fine)


What you might want


·        A Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad


·        Mr.Kurz’s email is dan.kurz@dsb1.ca.  Feel free to use it if you ever have any questions.


·        You will want to follow @mrkurz42 on twitter to receive updates about the course and exciting trends in technology and science.


Mark Breakdown


70%- Project Based Computer Studies Evaluation


30%- Final Project (Culminating – A larger scale polished product, can be a program or a Workshop)