Sprite Kit Intro (For Swift Playgrounds on the iPad)

Lesson 4- Finishing Touches


Last Update: 11/24/2017

This is a first draft of the package.  Please send any feedback to dan.kurz@dsb1.ca. 



-         Build off your lesson 3 code.


-         SpriteKit Documentation


Polishing Up your Game:


1.     Add some sort of beginning to your game using the skills that you have.  Your beginning should include instructions and let the user decide when to start the game.  Something like “Tap the Screen to Continue”  might be good.


2.     Create an end for your game. One option could be to have 3 lives.   Give the user the option to play again.


3.     Go over colours, fonts and sizes to make sure they all look good together.  


4.     Get someone to beta test your game and give you feedback on it.   They should be looking for glitches, confusing instructions or anything else that hurts the user’s experience.


Discussion Questions:


1.     What’s a feature you would like to add to the game but you don’t know how to do it?


2.     Why is it important to keep the user happy?


3.     What steps do you think a developer should take to ensure that their app is perfect before release?


4.     Describe that you think would be interesting to make using the skills that we have covered in these 4 lessons.