Sprite Kit Intro (For Swift Playgrounds on the iPad)

Lesson 2- Collisions


Last Update: 11/24/2017

This is a first draft of the package. Please send any feedback to dan.kurz@dsb1.ca.


-         SpriteKitStarter2 Copy it into a new Swift Playgrounds or get Mr.Kurz to AirDrop you the most recent version (Recommended)


-         SpriteKit Documentation

Learning Goals:

In this tutorial you will learn how to:


        Add collision BitMasks to physics bodies.


        Use the didBegin() function to handle collision events


        Add labels to the screen


Discussion Questions:


1.     What is the purpose of the didBigin() function?


2.     What would we have to do differently if we had more than 1 type of collision in the game?


3.     What would happen if you added a contactTestBitMask to the ball and the paddle?