Sprite Kit Intro (For Swift Playgrounds on the iPad)

Last Update: 11/24/2017

This is a first draft of the package.  Please send any feedback to dan.kurz@dsb1.ca


These tutorials will guide you through the basic skills you need to make a simple SpriteKit game on your iPad using the Swift Playgrounds app.   We will stick to using simple shapes, but the lessons should all work the same with your own sprites.  There just doesn’t seem to be a good way to add them on the iPad app yet.


These 4 lessons will give you what you need to make a single player pong game.


1.     Drawing shapes and Making them move

2.     Detecting Collisions

3.     Touch Events

4.     Finishing Touches


You will find the instructions for each lesson in the Starter Files.   Get Mr.Kurz to go over each lesson with you before you start.   Have fun with it and send me a recording of your game inaction when you are done!


Thanks to Stefans Developer Playground for posting one of the few iPad Swift Playgrounds tutorials on the whole internet.   It was extremely helpful in getting us started with this project.