Learn to Code 3




1.    Complete all of the lessons in “Learn to Code 3”

2.    Complete the project reflection below.

3.    Hand In the reflection in the Showbie folder called “LearnToCode3”


Learning Goals


By the end of Learn to Code 3 you should be able to:


1.    Place a graphic at specific coordinate on the screen.


2.    Explain what an event is and how event driven programming works.


3.    Create and manipulate Strings.


4.    Include a variety of media (graphics, music, animations) in an app



Project Reflection


0.     What happens when return is called inside a function?



1.     What is an event?  Why are events necessary for dealing with user input?


2.     How can you include the result of a calculation in a String without seeing the actual calculation?



3.     Describe the relationship between an “Event” and an “Event Handler”




4.     You made it to the end of Learn to Code,  Congratulations!  Describe an app that you think might be useful that uses the tools you have learned about.  You don’t’ have to make the app, just describe what it will do, include at least a sketch of what the main screen might look like.