Learn to Code 2



1.    Download and install the “Swift Playground” app on you iPad

2.    Complete all of the lessons in “Learn to Code 2”

3.    Complete the project reflection below.

4.    Hand In the reflection in the Showbie folder called “LearnToCode2”


Learning Goals


By the end of Learn to Code 2 you should be able to:


1.    Create a variable that can be used to count events


2.    Explain how properties and methods can be combined to form a type.  


3.    Explain how to initialize an instance of a type using let.  


4.    Explain what an array is and how to manipulate its contents.


Project Reflection


0.     How would you describe the concept of a variable to a non-coder?




1.     When would it make sense to create a type to solve a problem?




2.     What probably went wrong if you get the error: “Use of unresolved identifier ‘expert’. ?





3.     How do parameters give functions more flexibility?





4.     What is the most significant advantage arrays give to the programmer?