Learn to Code 1



1.    Download and install the “Swift Playground” app on you iPad

2.    Complete all of the lessons in “Learn to Code 1”

3.    Complete the project reflection below.


Learning Goals


By the end of Learn to Code 1 you should be able to:


1.    Understand Swift’s syntax (rules for writing Swift code)


2.    Be able to explain how variables, conditions and loops work together to make more complex programs.


3.    Be able to define functions that break a problem into smaller sub-programs.


4.    Develop and compare algorithms that can solve multi-step problems.


Project Reflection



0.     What is a function? What are two good reasons for using functions?




1.     What are loops?  Why are loops important in programming?



2.     Write a for loop that repeats 10 times.   Explain what each part of the loop does.



3.     In the lessons you used if, else if, else.  What do these commands do?   How are they related?


4.     You are now well on your way to becoming a computer programmer. Computational Thinking is thinking about problems in a way that you can get computers to solve them. 


Watch this video, then identify the 4 aspects of computational thinking and explain how each of them apply to the programs you made in Learn to Code 1.  Make sure to use screenshots to help make your explanations clearer and more interesting.



Hand your responses as a PDF into “Learn to Code 1” on Showbie.