Help Desk Weekly Reflection



The Weekly Reflection is a chance for you to think back on how the week went and express those thoughts in writing.   There will also be a Thought Provoking Leadership Item (TPLI) that you will respond to.  This is how we will cover the GPP3O curriculum. The TPLI will be posted on the website each week.  These reflections will be worth 20% of your final mark.


Part 1: Reflection


Answer the following questions about your week.   You can answer each question or write a single paragraph that touches on each question.



1.     What did you succeed at this week in Help Desk?


2.     What did you try that didn’t go as well as you planned?   How would you change it for next time?


3.     What did you learn about being a leader?


4.     What did you see another Help Desk student do that impressed you?


5.     How is the course going for you?  What mark would you give yourself on the Personal Leadership Development Evaluation?  


Part 2:  Thought Provoking Leadership Item (TPLI)


Check out look on the Help Desk webpage to see what this week’s TPLI is.  Watch/read it and write a short response to it. (200-400 words should do)

Success Criteria


1.     All of your responses accurately reflect things that happened during the week.

2.     Your responses show that you have reflected meaningfully on your experiences.

3.     You have described ways that you can improve. 

4.     Your response to the TPLI shows that you have learned something new about being a leader.

5.     Your reflection is complete and submitted in Showbie as a PDF by 3:30 on Friday.

6.     You have a realistic understanding of your progress in this course.


Meet the SC for 85%, for a higher mark you can:

·        Include pictures, videos or other media of what you have been up to during the week.

·        Format your reflection in an original or interesting way.

·        Your Reflection describes exceptionally meaningful self-discovery.

·        Other?