Thought Provoking Leadership Item 6



Good leaders donít just get people to follow them, they enable other people to do things that they didnít know they were capable of.


Your assignment this week is to watch this clip (or the whole episode on Netflix) from Supergirl Season 2 Episode 9.Kara and Mon-El find themselves captive alongside a group of humans on a planet with a red sun (so they have no super powers).They are about to all be sold as slaves when Supergirl, even without her powers, enables the other captives to fight back and escape.


1.   How did Supergirlís lead make a difference in the attitude of the other prisoners?


2.   Option 1:Describe a time that someone enabled you to do something you didnít think you could do.


Option 2: Describe a time that you were a leader and enabled someone else to do something they thought they couldnít do.



Donít forget, Iím looking for 200-400 words.


As usual, Iím looking forward to reading what you come up with!