GPP Personal Project (AKA 20% Project)

What is it?


The Personal Project is one of the most exciting parts of the GPP course. It gives you a chance to study anything that interests you. The Personal Project should take about 20% of your time (3 weeks or 1 in 5 days) and it would make sense to choose something in the area of the Greenhouse you plan on specializing in.


You will be working on it throughout the semester and it should end with a polished product.


Ideas for projects:


        Directing a short film (A documentary about the first semester in the Greenhouse would be epic)


        Writing and recording a multitrack song or short album


        Developing and app using xCode and Swift


        Developing an App in swift Playgrounds (on the iPad)


        3D Modeling with Google Sketchup


        An electronics project with a Raspberry Pi or Arduino


        Researching and publishing content on


        Graphic design




Project Proposal


Hand in to the Personal Project folder in Showbie and go over it with Mr.Kurz before you start.


What do you plan on studying for your personal project?


What do you expect to learn from this project?


What resources will you need to make this project successful?


What will your final polished product be?