Personal Leadership Development Evaluation

Success Criteria (85%)

You can get a beginner started on any of the Greenhouse tools and know where to send them for more information if they need it.


You have specialized in one Greenhouse tool and can use it proficiently.


You have taken ownership over one part of the Greenhouse and ensured that it is kept organized and used properly.


You conduct yourself professionally in person, on the phone and in any electronic communication.


You encourage people to learn from their mistakes and help them to improve.


You can identify things you can do well as a leader and areas that you need to work on.


To Exceed the SC you can: (Over 85%)

Embrace your Help Desk role both in and out of class.

Always look for ways to bring out the best in people.

Consistently look for ways to support students and teachers, without needing reminding.

Lead by example when designing, prototyping, testing and embracing failure

Improve the Greenhouse, KLDCS or the world in a particularly meaningful and lasting way.




There will be an interview at midterm and a the end of the course to determine your mark.