Welcome to Help Desk (GPP3O)!

What is this course?

The Help Desk Course is a Technology Leadership Program where you will be helping manage the Greenhouse  while developing your personal leadership skills.  Since this is our very first semester in the new space, there will be some neat opportunities to leave your mark on the space as we organize and decorate it.

What will you be doing?

1.     Learn how all of the Greenhouse tools work, and specialize in one. 

2.     Provide minor tech support for Students and Teachers at KLDCS and other schools.

3.     Manage the sound booth and lighting in the Auditorium.

4.     Run and facilitate technology related workshops and activities 

5.     Random things that come up during the day 

6.     Supporting iPad use in classrooms


Greenhouse Tools

These are the tools you need to become familiar with.  You don’t have to become an expert, but you should have a rough idea of how they work so that you can help other students get started.

·        Green Screen with Touchcast Studio (iPad  app)

·        Audio Recording with Garageband (iPad app)

·        Basic soldering and electronics on the breadboard

·        iMacs (Sign in, basic navigation and operations, Air Drop to iMac form iPad)

·        Computer Lab (Sign in, Showbie, Google things, MS Word…)

·        Google SketchUp (3D Modeling Software)

·        3D Printer (Change filament, print a file, basic trouble shooting)

·        Sphero and Ev3 Robotics Kits (Connect and load a simple program)



20%- Weekly Reflections (Reflect on your week and on the thought provoking piece that Mr.Kurz will give you each week)

20%- Personal Project (Should use a Greenhouse tool and take about 20% of your time)

30% - Personal Leadership Development (Success Criteria that describe what is expected of you)

25% - Workshop  (Develop and deliver a workshop that focuses on one of the Greenhouse tools)

5% - Final Reflection (Sum up what you learned at the end of the course)


This document and other resources will be available on my website www.mrkurz.ca.    I am available at CIT in the Greenhouse.   Feel free to email me anytime at dan.kurz@dsb1.ca if you have any questions.


All work will be submitted electronically using Showbie.  You can use the app with an iPad or you can use www.showbie.com to hand in something from any computer.