BTTT1O- Computers for Business

Your Marks


Unit 4- Final Project

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Jan 5-9

A: Project Overview

A: Project Details

Jan 12-16          
Jan 19-23  


2:10-Ella and Julianna

2:20- Brooklyn





2:20 Emma and Hope




2:10-Tyler and Cole

2:20 Salem and Alexsa

2:40-Janessa and Jarod

CIT-Jarrett amd Michel

Michael and Alysa



Unit 4- Spreadsheets

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dec 8-12 Website projects due by 3:30. L: Topic 1 Formating

L: Topic 2 Formulas

A: Formulas Assignment

D: Formulas Assignment

Sample Invoice

L:Topic 3: Conditional Formatting
Dec 15-19 A: Candy Chart   D: Candy Chart Project    

Unit 3- Flash and Web Design

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Nov 3-7 L:Frame by Frame Animation A:Flash so Far Assignment      
Nov 10-14  

L:Motion Tweening

A: Motion Tweening Assignment

    A:Superhero Cartoon Project
Nov 24-28 D: Superhero Cartoon Project

A: Part 1: The Banner

Jason's Website From Last Year

  A: Part 2: Content Pages  
Dec 1-5    

A: Creating HTML Pages

How to add links from a button

A sample Flash banner

  D: Website Project

Unit 2- Presentation Software

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Sept 29-Oct 3       L:Topic 1 Formatiing

PPT Game Bonus

Sample Game

Oct 6-10 L: Basic Animation A: Adding Media and Music Video Mini Project    


D: PPT Game Bonus

Oct 13-17 Thanksgiving!

A: Pointless PowerPoint

Sample Story

  Watch Basketball



Oct 20-24 D: Pointless PowerPoint

GSA Assembly

Cheese Mold Research

L: Principles of Visual Design

A:Principles Activity

A: Final Presentation (Cheese Mold)  
Oct 27-31  

2:00- Brooklyn


2:30-Tyler and Cole





2:00- Cody

2:15- Nick and Guage




3:15 Alysa

1:45-Ella and Emma

2:00- Sophie

2:15- Micheal and Cody

2:30- Salem and Alexsa

2:45- Logan

3:00-Micheal and Jarrett


L:Drawing in Flash

Unit 1- Word Processing

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Sept 8-12

L: Topic 1- Formatting Ribbon

Logo Vote

L:Topic 2- Picture Ribbon L:Topic 3- Drawing Ribbon

A: Story Book Project

Sample Story Book

Sept 15-19 Story Book Bonus D:Story Book Project

L:Topic 4- Tables


A: Tables Assignment

Talk Like a Pirate Day

L:Topic 5-Other Topics

Sept 22-26 A:Newspaper Project     D:Newpaper Project by 3:30 Rock of Ergonomics
Sept 29-Oct 3

A:Buisness Letter (Google Docs)

unit 1 Review

Practice Test

Unit 1 Test Unit 2: Presentation Software  

Unit 0- Getting Ready for BTT1O

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Sept 1-5





L:Intro to BTA3O

A:Setup your course folder

A:Day 1 Survey

A:Online Scavenger Hunt

L:Windows Tools

Logo Vote

Sept 8-12 Unit 1:Word Processing        
Sept 15-19